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Discipline vs Desire

Discipline is having the self control to do what’s necessary to improve your performance, while desire is the drive that sets our goals and wants us to succeed.

While both of these are absolutely necessary to achieve your best they don’t always play nicely together.  For example if you’re starting to feel a little tired and sluggish but you have a session planned for that day, what should you do?   Desire wants us to ride.  Desire wants us to make sure we don’t miss out on any training sessions that will help us be the best.  However, discipline wants us to have a rest.  Discipline knows that recovery is as important as training to reach our goals.    Which ‘voice’ you listen to will ultimately dictate what you do for the day.

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Fat vs Carbohydrates – Where are you getting your energy from

Just a quick little post for today.

The table below provides some data estimates on the contribution of fats and carbohydrates to the total energy requirement while cycling at 200w for 2 hours

Fat (grams/min) 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8
Fat (kj) 888 1332 1776 2220 2664 3108 3552
Carbs (kj) 5512 5068 4624 4180 3736 3292 2848
% carbs 86.1% 79.2% 72.3% 65.3% 58.4% 51.4% 44.5%

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Time Trial Masterclass session

Do you want to improve your time trial ability ahead of the ACT Champs, Vets Champs or Australia Masters Champs?

Here is the perfect opportunity to develop your TT skills while getting in a great workout in the lead up to these events.

TT Masterclass

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Sports nutrition for cyclists

Getting The Basics Right

One of the most frequent questions  I get asked pertains to food and hydration for training and racing.   Without a doubt poor nutrition is responsible for many a cyclists good intentions going pear shaped.  Getting it right can be quite simple but first you need to know the basics, so here they are.

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Changes to the website

Over the coming months I will be gradually transitioning content off the riders section of this site on to the main site.  This means that there will be a substantial number of new blog posts with lots of training tips, racing advice, etc.    It will also include the additional of a power profile and nutrition tool to the main site to compliment the already popular bike fit and heart rate training zone calculators.

These changes will further enhance the content on the website and hopefully provide a range of useful information and tools for all cycling enthusiasts.





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SOLD - For Sale: Near new Ultegra compact crankset 170mm

I have a near new Ultegra Compact Crankset (FC 6750) for sale. The crankset is only ~400km old and was a surplus item in the Di2 groupset I just acquired.

The cranks are 170mm and have 50-34 chainrings attached

Specs from the Shimano website are as follows

Model Number FC-6750
Crank Construction HOLLOWTECH II
Cassette Compatibility 10-speed
Chain Compatibility Super Narrow HG for 10-speed
Hyperdrive yes
Dual SIS yes
Reinforced Spider yes
Chainring Sets 50-34T
Bolt Circle Diameter 110mm
Crank Arm Length 165/170/172.5/175mm
Crank Arms Aluminum/Anodized
Chainrings aluminum/anodized
Chain Guard -
Bottom Bracket SM-BB6700 (note - Not included with this sale)
Chain Line 43.5mm  
Spindle Length
BB Shell Width 68/70mm
Average Weight 788g 170mm intergrated BB


Asking for $150

Contact Jason on 0437972768 or by email at

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Training plans for NSW and Australian Masters Championships

The NSW and Australian Masters road cycling championships are two of the most popular events of the year.  Both events offer masters riders the chance to challenge themselves over three disciplines; time trialling, road racing and criteriums.

Riders wishing to target these events will benefit from a dedicated and structured training plan and at Argonaut Cycle Coaching we have just what you need, with programs for all three events.

The first event of the championships is an individual time trial (ITT) and our 8 week ITT specific program is the way to go. At just 10-12hrs per week this program should meet just about everyone’s needs.  If you’re planning on racing the NSW Masters championships then this program would start on 14th July, just under weeks away!

Next up is the road race and the terrain for this event is usually over undulating terrain, making our one-day classic training program and ideal choice.  This program is 9 weeks in duration and has two options, the first being 8-12hrs per week and the second has 12-15hrs per week.  If you intend on hitting up the NSW masters road champs then you need to get this program now as you will need to start your serious work next week, yep 7th July is only 9 weeks out to the NSW Masters Championships.

Finally it’s the criterium.  Often raced hard and fast by the masters contingent, you will need to be at your best for this one.  Luckily we have that covered as well with our 7 weeks to faster crits program.  Although if you intend on racing the road race, that program will also get you in great shape for crit racing.


How to get the programs?

All of our training programs are available through the Training Plans page on our website.  The plans for the masters championships range from $40-$55 each. To purchase a plan, simply go to the website and click on the plan you want.  Then simply pay using a credit card or PayPal account and the training plan will be immediately sent to your email account.  Simple as that.



If you have any questions on the training plans before purchasing then please contact us.

Garmin 510 – LiveTrack

When deciding to purchase the new Garmin Edge 510, the LiveTrack feature wasn’t high on my list of reasons for selecting this model over the 500.   However, as it turns out its becoming one of my favourite features.

Once my 510 arrived and I checked out the details of the LiveTrack functionality I was left scratching my head a bit as to when and how it might be useful.  Mobile phone reception is the biggest issue as the feature only works when there is a signal to transfer the data.     This mainly limits it’s use to metropolitan areas or rural areas with good mobile coverage.   In Canberra that means anything west of the suburbs is pretty much out for me.   Never-the-less I persisted looking at the feature and came up with a few ideas on how it might be useful.

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