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Now Available - new and updated training plans

The humble training plan is one of the most important parts of training for cycling events.  Having a good program that ensures you are training all of the necessary muscular and cardiovascular systems is critical.  At Argonaut Cycle Coaching we have a range of pre prepared training plans for a range of target events, including some well known races, such as the Tour of Bright.

Over the last few months we have been busy updating all of our existing programs as well as adding a few new ones, such as an 8 week ‘Time Trial’ program and the exciting new 21 week ‘Ultimate’ training program.  The new ‘Ultimate’ program provides a super 10 weeks of base training work before heading into 6 weeks of race specific preparation.  A couple of weeks of peaking and tapering round out the program to have you in great shape for race day.   This program is suitable for any type of race, from flat one day events to multi-day hilly tours.   The program is flexible enough to suit climbers, time trial specialists and even sprinters.  It also includes a 3 week competition phase with schedules for a Saturday race, Sunday race and off-race week.

The new ‘Time Trial’ program is a short 8 week, race specific preparation program with plenty of interval work to keep even the most die hard time trialist happy.   The program is in a single format of 10-12 hours per week and is suitable for riders who already have a good base of fitness.  If you need more base before embarking on this program then we have you covered with our ‘Base Training’ plans.

The Cyclo Sportif events are becoming more popular around the world so we have compiled an 11 week ‘Hilly Sportif’ plan, which has plenty of climbing sessions to keep you happy and to ensure your legs can take the pounding of several hours with the front wheel facing upwards!

On the still-to-come list we have the updated criterium plans, a one-day classic race preparation plan and two 24 hour Enduro MTB plans – one for solo riders and another for team riders.   24 hour mountain biking is one of those fantastic events that caters for all manner of riders and we will endeavour to create programs that have you in great shape so these can be enjoyed as much as possible.


Training plans start from as low as $40 for a 7 week plan up to $125 for the 21 week ‘Ultimate’ training plan.  To see our full range of training plans please visit

2012 – A year in review

Heading into 2012 I had high hopes and in the end I am glad to say that it has indeed been a good year, albeit like any year with it’s own share of ups and downs.   The biggest down for the year was undoubtedly my continued health problems – although I am very pleased to say that they now appear to be behind me.   For the ups, there were so many this year that I couldn’t possible single out any one, instead here is a summary of the main highlights.


Full time coaching – yep, 2012 will be fondly remembered as the year I finely gave up the public service and switched from being a part time coach to full time one, Argonaut Cycle Coaching the business was here to stay.     This has been a fantastic change and enabled me to expand my coaching services.  The extra time also gave me a chance to update the website and to build power profile and nutritional analysis tools for Argonaut riders.   One of the key changes, that I think has made a positive difference this year, is moving away from group coaching to focus more on individual rider’s needs.   I still prepare training plans for groups however I the longer I coach the more I am finding that the one on one focus for individual riders yields much better results and it’s something that I will continue to focus on.  

I started Argonaut Cycle Coaching as a hobby back in 2009 and with very few riders we still managed some good results, most notably, up and coming rider Will Lind winning the John Woodman Wagga to Albury Handicap.  In 2010 the number of top 10 finishes in open events rose to six (by three different riders), the most memorable being Ivan Michelin-Beard breaking the course record in winning the ACT hill climb champs at Corin.  2011 was an exciting year with Lisa Keeling cleaning up women's B grade at Bright and Tom Behrens demolishing the competition in the Riverina Handicap series.   All up 11 different Argonaut riders notched up 34 top 10 finishes (in open events) throughout the year.  2012 got off to a cracking start with Roger Northcote riding a brilliant tactical race to take the stage 3 and GC win at the Vets Gunning 2-day.  Will Lind and Lisa Keeling both ventured into NRS territory while many other riders also started targeting more open events.   At year’s end 17 different Argonaut riders claimed a combined 48 top 10 finishes.  

During this time I have watched all riders develop their fitness, skills and race craft and it has been extremely pleasing to see most riders notching up personal best efforts on local climbs or reaching some impressive power outputs. 

Another important change towards the end of the year was a shift in the structure of the training programs.  Throughout the end of 2011 and most of 2012 I was using an approach which contained a lot of threshold and high intensity intervals.   This proved very successful in the short term, however over longer periods it was less so.     One of the things I do well is regularly review my own performance as a coach and this was one of the cases where I needed to change what I was doing.    So towards the end of the year I reverted back to more aerobically focussed programs.  It’s early day’s yet as most riders are only just starting to get to their first batch of racing for 2013, but if results so far are any indication, the new programs are working very well indeed.


Into 2013 – Having started this post at the end of the year I can now also add some early highlights for 2013.  Firstly I am pleased to report I have recovered from my health problems and have now been back on the bike for a little over 3 months.  During this time I have successfully shed around 11kg (with more to go).    There have also been a number of good early season results with Cheryl Woods claiming multiple medals at the NSW Masters Track Championships and Lisa Keeling claiming 11th and 7th, respectively in the Oceania Time Trial and Road Race, with the road race performance in particular a standout!

Over the coming weeks I will be updating most of the set training plans available on the website as well as writing a range of new ones, including preparation for time trials and 24hr MTB racing, so stay tuned for those.

Also, I am pleased to announce that there is a new Argonaut Cycle Coaching kit with an updated design.  The new kit should be here within the next week, just in time for the Vets Gunning 2-day tour where Roger will be aiming for back to back victories, and James will be looking for top results (go the win) as well.

New Argonaut Jersey

For Sale: PowerTap SL+ 32h DT Swiss R450 wheel, incl Cervo and extras

UPDATE – 25 April 2013: SOLD

UPDATE  - 22 April 2013: Original buyer fell through so its still available.  Happy to separate the wheel and electronics/extras.  If interested please contact me to discuss a suitable price.


Having recently purchased a Quarq I no longer have any need for my PowerTap SL+ wheel.   This wheel has just come back from the Australian service centre where it was recalibrated, so the torque is perfect at 512!


Asking price: $800 ONO

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My four key training principles

After having nearly 18 months off the bike due to illness, I recently jumped back in to training.  However, with zero residual fitness it was back to square one to rebuild my ‘base’ before venturing back into racing.   At the moment I am over half way through week seven back on the bike and things are progressing well, with my power coming back up and both my heart rate and weight going down.  For those interested, I thought I might outline the four key training principles I follow in my own training.  These are:

  1. Correct Intensity
  2. Recovery
  3. Timing/Periodisation
  4. Consistency


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Personal Coaching – Places Now Available

We are pleased to advise that we now have several places available for new personal coaching clients.  We have three different levels of coaching to suit the needs of a large number of riders.

Our Gold level coaching is for riders wanting the full services of a personal cycling coach, with your personalised training program updated weekly (even daily) as required.  This level of coaching is ideal for anyone targeting that big event or race series (such as the NRS) and who want to take care of every last detail to give them the best chance of success.

The silver level coaching suits riders who still want to hit peak form but with a little more relaxed approach.   This level of coaching is good for those just getting started with a coach or to more experienced riders that don’t need as much assistance. 

Finally, the Bronze level is great for riders who mainly want a personalised program with the odd update or question.

Full details of our coaching services can be found on our coaching services page and applications for coaching can be submitted on the online application form.

Jason Mahoney

Argonaut Cycle Coaching

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Xmas & New Year - Bike Fit and Testing Discount Offer

Bicycles are a favourite gift at Christmas time however riding a bike that isn't set up correctly can often lead to a variety of aches and pains.   To help people get on the road we are offering a special $20 discount on all bike fit services for appointments booked between 26 December 2012 and 31 January 2013.

It's also common for many new fitness new year resolutions and to help people get started with their new training programs we are also offering the same discount to all of our testing services, this includes blood lactate testing for ultra accurate training zones, as well as maximal heart rate and power testing.

For full details on bike fitting and testing services please check out our website at

XMAS & New Year Special Flyer

We wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year



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Training Plans - 11 week Hilly Sportif program now available

We are pleased to announce that we have now added an 11 week hilly Cyclo Sportif program to our list of available training plans.

Cyclo sportif events are becoming extremely popular all around the world, with most featuring a range of climbing, from multiple small but steep climbs to long mountain passes. 

Sportif events appeal to a large range of cyclists and we have created two training plans to cater for riders with different amounts of available riding time (8-10hrs and 10-16hrs per week).

The program starts with a 6 week base training phase that focuses on boosting your aerobic power and boosting your strength and muscular endurance - which is the key requirement to successfully completing a hilly sportif event.  There is a 4 week build period with plenty of climbing and some race options for the riders who like to have regular hitouts. A final week is included with a mini taper before your sportif event.

The 11 week hilly sportif program can be purchased through the training plans page and costs just $65

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Weekend race wrap – Bathurst and Mersey

Well it was a huge, action packed, weekend of racing with Argonaut riders travelling to Tasmania and Bathurst to compete in the first NRS race of the season (Mersey Tour in Tassie) and the NSW Hill Climb championships/Bathurst racing.   An interesting twist this year was that these events were held on the same weekend and this had a significant impact on the racing at Bathurst, with most of the big teams sending riders to Tassie for the Mersey tour instead of Bathurst. 

In the weeks leading up to these events all riders were training hard and the indications were that there would be some top results as well as a stream of PB’s.  However, race days don’t always go as planned and while there were definitely some great results there was also some bad news with two riders sustaining broken bones.


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