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Discipline vs Desire

Discipline is having the self control to do what’s necessary to improve your performance, while desire is the drive that sets our goals and wants us to succeed.

While both of these are absolutely necessary to achieve your best they don’t always play nicely together.  For example if you’re starting to feel a little tired and sluggish but you have a session planned for that day, what should you do?   Desire wants us to ride.  Desire wants us to make sure we don’t miss out on any training sessions that will help us be the best.  However, discipline wants us to have a rest.  Discipline knows that recovery is as important as training to reach our goals.    Which ‘voice’ you listen to will ultimately dictate what you do for the day.

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Rotor Q-Rings. First impressions and long term review

Back in mid 2012, when I was first looking at getting back on the bike after my lengthy illness I was quite interested in trying the Rotor Q-rings. I had been following the evolution of these for a number of years but had never had access to a set to try out before deciding to commit to purchasing some.  In the past I have tested a rider using oval chainrings and there was a reduced heart rate for a set power output and I have been keen to try them ever since.  As it so happened I lucked upon a set, albeit a large set (44/54) when I purchased my last SRM.  They sat in my garage a while and then I lent them to a rider who, unfortunately never got to use them (injury).  Once I got back on the bike I installed them to see how they felt.  The following is my first impressions, after having ridden them for just over a week (back in Aug 2012) as well as my longer term review.

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Fat vs Carbohydrates – Where are you getting your energy from

Just a quick little post for today.

The table below provides some data estimates on the contribution of fats and carbohydrates to the total energy requirement while cycling at 200w for 2 hours

Fat (grams/min) 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8
Fat (kj) 888 1332 1776 2220 2664 3108 3552
Carbs (kj) 5512 5068 4624 4180 3736 3292 2848
% carbs 86.1% 79.2% 72.3% 65.3% 58.4% 51.4% 44.5%

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Stromlo Forest Park - Bookings and Usage

As you may be aware I am currently running monthly Masterclass skills sessions, mostly at Stromlo Forest park.  I am also running a criterium training program on Monday mornings for the next 6 weeks.  As the group numbers are quite large and to ensure the safety of all riders I have booked the track for these sessions. 

Over the weekend and on Monday morning I had several times where I had to let people know that they couldn't use the criterium circuit due to the session I was coaching.   Unfortunately the Stromlo Forest Park website had not been updated to show my bookings and a few people have been upset by the fact they were unable to use the track at those times.    I have provided feedback to the management of  the Stromlo Forest Park facility and they have since updated the bookings page of the site.   I apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone who was planning to use the track at these times.   However, please note this was required to ensure the safety of all riders.

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Congratulations – Jeremy Ryan

This past Saturday saw the running of the 256km Melbourne to Warrnambool road race.   After a overcoming a few last minute race entry issues, Jeremy Ryan set off on his debut at this race in what is always a very challenging B grade/Div 2 field.

This year the field was met with strong winds and when combined with the extremely challenging race distance it took its toll with only 139 of the 220 starters finishing the race.

Jeremy had a strong ride to finish in a small group only 24:12 behind the winner to claim 80th place overall and a fantastic 8th place in B grade.

You can see the full results at

Please join with me in congratulating Jeremy on his stellar performance.  Well done Jeremy.


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Know thy course

There were some ‘interesting’ happenings at this mornings Stage 1 Individual Time Trial for the National Capital Tour.  This race is a part of Cycling Australia’s National Road Series (NRS), so one of the premier races in the country this year.  However, as will all new events there can be teething problems but this morning’s issues were a little out of the ordinary and lead to some ‘interesting’ outcomes.

Without going into too much details, there was a traffic accident that lead to problems getting the course properly marked and marshals in place.  As a possible result of this a number of riders went off course and lost valuable time.  The end result was that a decision was made to nullify the times for GC and everyone would start stage 2 on equal time.    Some people will question whether that is a fair decision and while I have my own opinion, the purpose of this ‘brief’ post is to draw your attention to a different fact.  One that is paramount in success in any racing and that’s the importance of knowing the course.

For this morning’s race.  It was a NRS race will the countries top riders.  Now while some of these riders are still developing and finding their feet at this level, detailed course information is provided online well in advance of race day.  Cycling Australia, race organisers and Cycling Profiles all do a fantastic job of providing this information and they do if for one reason – so that everyone knows where to go!

As a coach I make it a point of ensuring all my riders know the course and when I race I make it my personal responsibility for knowing the route.  Far too often I have encountered marshals that are either not in place, not providing an indication of the route or just plain don’t know what’s going on.  So, I learnt my lesson long ago, but for today – for all those riders that got lucky with the decision to annul the race times, I hope they take a moment to consider whether they well and truly studied the course before hand and whether next time they would pay more attention to the maps that are provided.

It’s worth remembering that had this been a national championship or perhaps another significant event then a rider who ‘just happened to go off course’ would have to live with their additional time, or worse a disqualification. 

So, next time you have a time trial (or even a road race on an unfamiliar course) check out the race maps that are provided.  Have a printed copy with you on race day and study it in detail.  If you truly care about your results then care about the course!





Nb: I am aware of several instances today where traffic on course played a major role in a rider either being lead off course or from being prevented from following the course proper. Those riders will know who they are and obviously my comments above do not apply to them


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Crit Racing Masterclass sessions

Do you want to improve your crit racing skills and performance ahead of the summer criterium series?

After the success of the TT Masterclass session last week we are providing the perfect opportunity to develop your crit skills with a Crit Racing Masterclass session on Sun 20th October.

Two sessions are being offered, with a ‘women’s only’ session at 10:30 and an ‘open’ session at 1pm

Click the banner below to view more information on the Crit Racing Masterclass sessions and to reserve your place.


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Super week for results

With plenty of Argonaut Cycle Coaching riders out racing this week it has been very pleasing to see many of them claim some great results.

Earlier in the week, Lisa Keeling joined here Bicycle Super Store teammates for the latest round of the women’s NRS series at the Tour of Murray.   Lisa has been very active in the peloton all year and the stage one criterium was no different, with Lisa once again proving she knows how to get in the break race winning break.   Using her new found sprint skills Lisa claimed third place from the lead grouping of eight riders.   The stage two time trial was always going to be pivotal to the overall GC results and Lisa rode a great race to finish 7th and once again establish her place in the top 10 on GC.   However with Lisa’s team mate Flick Wardlaw coming in a close 2nd that set her up for a top GC result and Lisa became the team helper for the remainder of the tour, undertaking some great work to keep the peloton under control.  At the end of the tour Lisa successfully assisted Flick retain her 2nd place on GC and along the way she also claimed two ‘most aggressive’ rider jerseys.  Congratulations Lisa

On Friday it was time for the masters to dust off their time trial bikes for the NSW Masters Individual Time Trial championships.   When Mark Crooned rolled up to the start line the wind was starting to pick up and blow more consistently.  From his accounts it was a very tough outward leg and despite his best efforts after the turn he didn't quite get on top of the gear to take advantage of the tail wind.  However despite this Mark successfully claimed a podium spot, with silver in the MMAS 4 category, only 12 seconds behind the winner.  Well done Mark

Not long after Mark finished his race and Brad Drew was also preparing to start.  The wind was definitely more constant now and pacing the outward leg was becoming a lot more crucial.   Brad is still building up for the Australian Masters championships so this race was more of a ‘recon’ to see how the legs are coming along.  Despite this Brad placed 5th in his category and also bested last years nationals time.  A great result that bodes well for better things to come in October

On Sunday it was road race day at the NSW Masters and Kenneth Webster was out to impress in the MMAS 1 race.  Kenneth has had a solid build up over the last few months and all his hard work paid off as he claimed the win.  Congratulations Kenneth.

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