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Tour of Bright – 9 week training plan

Did you get your entry in for the 2012 Tour of Bright but still need a training plan?

With just 9 weeks to go until the tour its time to get serious about your training.  Our 9 week Tour of Bright training program focuses on race preparation for the tour and will help

  • boost your climbing strength and power,
  • improve your time trialling, and
  • increase your sprint power.

Basically, everything you need top race at Bright.

The program is available in either a 8-10 hrs or 10-16hrs per week format to cater for a wide variety of riders needs.

Program Cost: $50

The 9 week Tour of Bright program can be purchased on the training plan page

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Australian Masters Championships 2012 – Entries Close Wednesday

The Australian Masters Road Championships for 2012 are being conducting at the start of October around the Goulburn area.   Entries for this event close on Wednesday 19 September (i.e. in two days time), so if you are intending to race this event please ensure you get your entry in now. 

Entries can be made via the Cycling NSW website

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Reminder: Tour of Bright entries open today

The Tour of Bright is one of the most popular events on the Australian cycling calendar and each year sees a large contingent from Canberra and New South Wales competing.  Last year the entries for the event filled up quicker than many people expected and this year the organisers gave advanced warning of the open date for entries – which is TODAY at 12 Noon.

This year there are caps on the total number of entries and per grade, with special provisions for both men's and women's A grade events, which this year are listed as teams events (individuals can also enter).  If you are planning on racing at Bright this year then you will need to get your entries in as soon as possible after they open.  Entries are via the Cycling Vic website and full details can be found at either the Tour of Bright website or Cycling Vic race page.

This year, Argonaut Cycling has produced two structured training plans for the event, 9 and 16 week options, to help riders prepare for the race.    Rider’s needing more base work have already started their training program, however riders requiring a shorter lead time for preparation can opt for the 9 week program, which would see them start dedicated Tour of Bright training at the start of October.   The 9 week program costs only $50 and is available in either a 8-10 hrs or 10-16hrs per week format.  If you would like to purchase a program please visit the Training Plans page.

We wish you all the best of luck, both with the event and getting your entries in :-)

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Aerodynamic testing session success

It’s 8am on Sunday 2nd September – Father’s Day, and I am out doing some aerodynamic testing with one of Argonaut’s coached riders.  Looking back through my data its been 15 months since I conducted one of these sessions but everything ran super smoothly and we got some great data and real time improvements for the rider.

The reason for ‘aero’ testing is pretty straight forward, to find out whether a rider’s position is fast and whether it can be improved.   For the uninitiated there are 4 ways that you can undertake aerodynamic testing with a rider: visit a wind tunnel (~$1000 per hour), do regression testing on a flat straight stretch of road with no wind, laps of a velodrome at controlled power outputs and the final way is known as the ‘Chung’ method, which uses a combination of power data and virtual elevation modelling to determine a rider’s aerodynamic coefficient (known as CDA).

Today’s session started with a baseline run to establish the rider’s current CDA and then we looked a several changes to the setup and position.   All up we completed 4 runs, with each run providing improvements, the second run enabled the rider to produce more power with minimal loss of aerodynamics, while the third and fourth runs improved the aerodynamics while maintaining the same power output.   All up it was a great session that, with some minor (but important) changes to the riders setup and position resulted in around an extra .5km/h in speed, which equates to around 44 second improvement for a 40km time trial (with original speed of 40km/h).  Not bad for 1.5hrs worth of work and a nice father’s day gift!

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Updated Website and New Training Plans

The Argonaut Cycle Coaching website has recently undergone a refresh of the look and design, with the blog pages to undergo further updates shortly.  We hope that these changes make it easier to find information on the website and they will also enable it to be managed more effectively.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that we have started adding a range of training programs to the website.  These programs provide an affordable way of accessing a structured training program for a specific race or sportif event.   At present we have training programs for the extremely popular Tour of Bright, as well as a 7 week Criterium program for just $40 (just in time for summer).    We will shortly be adding a 10 week hilly sportif program that is suitable for the Fitz's Challenge/Epic, 3 Peaks Challenge and a range of other events.

A list of all current programs and prices is on the new Training Plans page.  Plans can be purchased directly from this page.

NB: We are aware of a problem with the Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator and we hope to have this fixed shortly.

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Weekend race wrap – Bathurst and Mersey

Well it was a huge, action packed, weekend of racing with Argonaut riders travelling to Tasmania and Bathurst to compete in the first NRS race of the season (Mersey Tour in Tassie) and the NSW Hill Climb championships/Bathurst racing.   An interesting twist this year was that these events were held on the same weekend and this had a significant impact on the racing at Bathurst, with most of the big teams sending riders to Tassie for the Mersey tour instead of Bathurst. 

In the weeks leading up to these events all riders were training hard and the indications were that there would be some top results as well as a stream of PB’s.  However, race days don’t always go as planned and while there were definitely some great results there was also some bad news with two riders sustaining broken bones.


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McKay and Schubert finish strong at Solo 24hr Champs

The 24hr solo MTB championships were held at Majura over the Easter weekend and while the pros were busy working their way towards monumental laps numbers and distances there were also a group of dedicated age group athletes set for the challenge of riding for 24hrs straight.  Angus McKay and Nathan Schubert were two of these riders.  The boys ride for Team Hot Designs and they proudly displayed the kit throughout the event.   Training for this event started in earnest around three months ago and many km’s later the boys took to the start line at midday on Saturday.  

As always with events of this nature there are times when things don’t quite go to plan and unfortunately for Nathan things started going off plan after 7 laps, with stomach problems forcing a stop after lap 8.    A quick (or not so quick nap) later Nathan was feeling better and bravely got back on the bike the next morning and ripped out another 5 laps to finish with a total of 13 laps in around 12 hours of riding. 

Angus’ event was a stark contrast with the big diesel engine that is Angus McKay primed for a long one.   He rode consistently until 4:30am (16.5hrs ) before it was time for a break with 14 laps in the bag.  A quick nap and then back onto the bike just after sun up to join Nathan for another 4 laps to finish with a total of 18 – just one lap shy of qualifying for the world championships.

All up the boys learnt heaps in their first 24hr solo race and are sure to improve when they next toe the start line.

Well done and congratulations on your results and all the hard work just getting to the start line.

Welcome to the new Argonaut Website and Blog

As a part of the website upgrades I have replaced the old News pages with a blog.   There are a few reasons for this but mainly I wanted to be able to update the entries a lot quicker and make it easier for people to find previous news items.

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