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To use the bike fit calculator simply follow the instructions below to take your body measurements and the tool will do the rest.

To ensure the accuracy of the results we suggest that you ask someone to assist you with the measurements and that you complete each measurement two or three times to confirm the correct value.

NB: This calculator was updated on 28 August 2013 as a part of larger improvements to the tool. If you encounter any problems then please contact us.

Bike Fit Calculator
bike fit image Height: cm
bike fit image Torso: cm
bike fit image Shoulder Width: cm
bike fit image Inseam: cm
bike fit image Lower Leg: cm
bike fit image Arm length: cm
bike fit image Foot Size (Eu): (Eu)
Rider Height

Stand upright with your back against a wall. Your feet should be approximately 15cm apart and you should be barefooted.

Measure your height and enter it here. cm