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Bike Fitting Services

Do you want to

Maximise your power?

Improve efficiency and comfort on the bike? or

Eliminate pain while riding?

If so, then getting your bike set up correctly is a priority!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bike fitting services ceased on Friday 21 October 2017

Our Bike Fitting Philosophy

We believe that bike fitting should be affordable and meet the needs of the rider. We tailor our fitting sessions to the individual riders style and provide advice appropriate the the riders situation.

We understand that cycling is an expensive sport so we only recommend changes to equipment when its absolutely necessary. We understand that time is precious, so we offer a range of appointment times to suit as many people as possible.

Are you experiencing any aches or pains when riding? Such as: sore knees or feet, or lower back pain, or hand, neck or shoulder pain, or saddle sores or other problems?

Our Bike Fitting Process

During each bike fit session we take detailed measurements and check that all aspects of your bike set up is correct, including:

  • Foot alignment and shoe/cleat placement, inc cleat wedging and shimming (if required),

  • Saddle height and fore-aft position,

  • Hip/pelvic alignment,

  • Handlebar height and overall reach, and

  • Aerobar setup for time trialist and triathletes, focusing on achieving an aerodynamic position without compromising on power.

During the session we also consider your physiology (flexibility, etc) and how it affects your riding style. If changes are required we also explain the reasons they are required.

At the end of the session we will provide you with a bike fit report, containing the details of the final position, any changes made and other issues identified.

Duration - A standard bike fitting sessions takes between 1 and 1.5 hours to complete and must be booked in advance.

Cost - The cost of a bike fitting session is $80 per hour.

Additional Costs - Some fitting solutions may require the use of cleat wedges or pedal spacers and these involve an additional cost ($5 per wedge, $10 per shim, $35 for a pair of 10mm pedal spacers, $1 per 1mm pedal spacer)

Follow Up – If you require a follow-up fitting this can be arranged at a cost of $40 per half hour.

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How to Book

All of our bicycle fitting services are done by appointment in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

UPDATE: Xmas shutdown for this year will be from Friday 19th - Wed 31st December. 

We cater for appointments at the following times:

  • Tuesday & Thursday => 11:00am - 1:00pm and 6:00-7:00pm

  • Wednesday => 9:30am - 1:00pm

  • Friday => 9:30am - 1:00pm and 6:00-7:00pm

  • Weekends: Times vary each week. (nb:weekend times usually book out 1-2 months in advance due to racing and coaching committments)

To book an appointment, either click the button above or visit the bookings page. Once your have completed the booking form we will contact you to confirm the details of your appointment.

NOTE: We only do bike fits for mountain bikes as a secondary fit when road bike fitting is completed in the same session.  We are unable to do any fittings at all for bikes with through the axle skewers/quick releases.


I went to see Jason to get a bike fit after having some knee problems and getting a sore neck after doing some longer rides. Jason took the time to listen to my issues and really see exactly what I was doing on the bike. I'm just a casual rider and the changes he made seemed relatively minor to me, but made a massive difference, with the knee pain and the neck pain both being resolved. Riding a bit further became far more comfortable. I'll be seeing Jason straight after the purchase of my next new bike.

– Andrew Warnes

I contacted Jason on the advice of a friend of mine who saw an ad on the bulletin board at work. I had been cycling for about 18 months and had hit the wall as far as improving times and average speeds. I also had some niggling pain in the back of my left knee. Having never had my bike properly set up I decided to give it a try. Jason was very knowledgeable and friendly during the process that only took about an hour and fit perfectly into a lunchtime. The process was easy to follow and Jason spent a good amount of time watching my pedal stroke and listening to what I was saying about pain in the knees. My previous set up was recorded so I could always go back if it all went wrong, it didn't. Since the fitting my cycling has gotten a lot stronger, I have been able to improve my times, average speeds and the pain in my knees is long gone. I was never much of a climber, and I still struggle up some of the hills, probably due to the weight of the rider, but I did see a noticeable improvement in my power and ability to climb. Jason was also happy to impart some of his coaching wisdom during the session, at the time there was no room in his schedule for a new rider to train but he did give me some good hints and tips that have helped me along over the last 12 months, completing Fitz's challenge and competing in 2012/13 Crit series would not have been possible for me before the fit, I would have been in too much pain, and too slow!

– Stuart Knight

I came to see Jason suffering from left knee pain when cycling. I found that Jason was very professional and personable during the bike fitting session. Jason conducted a very thorough assessment and was able to detect that the source of my knee pain was due to the structure of my foot and the alignment of my hips. I was provided with a comprehensive assessment including recommendations on how to further improve my performance on the bike. I would recommend Jason's services.

– Sinead

Just a quick note to say thanks for the bike fit. I always thought my position was pretty close and it was, but it was amazing the difference the small tweaks to the bike and the pedalling drills have made. Pain free, comfortable and better power, I can't ask for much more. I'll be back for a tune up next year. Thanks again.

– Danny

What did you find as the best part of the bike fitting service we provided? The methodical approach taken, which examined both human and bike elements to come up with fit recommendation. What improvements did you see after having your fitting session? Increased comfort due to a couple of small changes to my previous bike set up that resolved minor biomechanical flaws. Was there a specific problem that lead to your fitting and was this fixed after the session? I sought assistance following ankle surgery, cycling was a major part of my rehabilitation, so it was important to be sure that my bike was set up correctly. · Did you feel you received good value for money? Yes, when you consider how much time we spend on our bikes, it is a small investment for endless hours of comfort and pain free cycling.

– Paul Segrott

As with his coaching, Jason has a very scientific and personalised approach to his bike fit service. My bike fit was excellent and solved a niggling knee problem. I highly recommend it.

– Deciana Speckmann

I went and saw Jason after having endless problems with my left knee - I had tried moving things up, down, left, right, looked in mirrors, had people watch me - nothing seemed to work. The pain was also accompanied by a lack of power when climbing, as I felt I had to be constantly out of the saddle to take the pressure off my knee.

I booked a session but wasn't quite sure what to expect - I had never attended a bike fit before. Jason set me up in his studio and watched me pedal from a number of different angles, and ran me through a few drills; he asked specific questions as to how things felt, what felt good and what felt bad, etc. He made specific adjustments to a number of different areas but always ensured that he did one thing at a time and made sure that I was comfortable with each setting before moving on which made me feel a lot more comfortable - especially as things were so different!

After finishing the session, I spent some time getting comfortable in the new position and was amazed at the power I had! I was climbing seated at speeds that I hadn't even been able to get close to previously and felt like an animal when sprinting! What's more, I was given a print-out with my relevant details along with detailed advice as to what I should be looking for when I purchase a new bike. Also - knee pain is gone! The value for money was terrific - I would have paid much more for the service that I received, and am glad that I went and saw Jason over a bike shop trying to sell me something every step of the way. Jason seemed to take things very seriously despite the fact that I am just a regular guy looking to get comfortable on a road bike.

– Nick

I'd only recently purchased my first road bike and had developed severe knee pain the first time I did a long ride (around 80km). I had been planning on having a bike fit anyway, but getting the knee pain made me make a priority of it and I booked in pretty much straight away after that. And the bike fit did significantly improve the issue with my knee. It turns out that the knee is a bit dodgy (probably due to injuries sustained as a teenager) and doing lots of running still results in bad pain, but I've had very few problems with it as a result of cycling since I had the bike fit.

The best part was getting a fit that took away the pain! But the other really useful aspect was getting good advice, even just on little bits and pieces. As a cyclist new to road bikes, getting little advice even about how seat position could engage different muscles and things to think about in pedalling technique - that was very useful.

Did you feel you received good value for money?
Exceptionally so. Your service was much cheaper than what one of the big bike shops would charge, for example, and their system looks (from a distance) to rely more on a computer analysis, rather than a highly experienced individual watching and evaluating my position, cycling motion and how I interact with the bike. I have more confidence about your bike fitting than I would about one of the big shops doing it - and your service was cheaper!

I was so impressed that I have mentioned it to others and suggested to other friends I know who are just getting into road cycling they should see you too (and in fact you're doing a bike fitting for my wife next weekend).

– Tim Johnson