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Coaching Services

Argonaut Cycle Coaching provides high quality, professional coaching services for racing cyclists and riders preparing for sportif events. We take a holistic approach to training, including: skills development, nutrition, tactics & race craft, and as a result our riders regularly achieve personal best results.

Our coaching services cater for a wide range of riders, from professionals to domestic champions and weekend warriors. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to get fitter and improve your club racing or whether you intend to take on the world for the rainbow jersey, we have a program for you.

  • We offer two levels of personal coaching to cater for riders at various levels and with different goals, with our PerformancePlus coaching catering for riders serious about top level results.
  • We can create a one-off, individually customised set training plan to help you reach your goal, or we can continually update it and monitor your training progress with one of the coached programs.
  • One-on-one or small group skills sessions
  • We also have a range of pre-prepared training plans for specific events or phases of training.

Full details of our coaching services can be found below. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

COACHING UPDATE: 20 August 2017 – We are not currently taking any new coaching clients - more details to follow.

Personal Coaching

Our personal coaching service is provided at two levels, catering for the different needs of each rider.   Regardless of the level you choose we use a structured process to get you from start to finish beginning with an assessment of your needs. We then work with you to develop a training plan and start you on your way to reaching your goals.

  Performance Coaching PerformancePlus Coaching
Individualized Training Program Yes Yes
Program review and modifications if necessary Weekly to monthly as required Daily or weekly as required
Goal Setting Discussion and reviews At the start and then quarterly At the start and then monthly as required
Analysis of Heart Rate/Power files up to 3 files per week# Daily as required#
Communication with coach up to 3 times per week (including a detailed weekly update) Daily as required. Detailed weekly updates are required
Costs $100 per month plus $80 set up fee $150 per month plus $80 set up fee
Minimum committment 3 months, then monthly 6 months, then monthly
Ancilliary Service Discount* 15% 20%

#: Ride file analysis may include a combination of online and desktop software. *: Discount is applicable to bike fitting and performance testing services iconApply for Personal Coaching

To apply for personal coaching services from Argonaut Cycle Coaching please complete the athlete questionnaire. Once we have assessed your application we will contact you to discuss the coaching arrangements further.

Please note: Due to a high demand for our professional coaching services we may have periods where we cannot accept new clients at a particular level of coaching. This is necessary to ensure that we can commit enough time to our current athletes. In these cases we will update the website to let you know. You can still enquire about coaching and we will contact you as soon as a position is available.

Personal Coaching Testimonials

I've not looked back since I started a training program with Argonaut Cycle Coaching ten weeks ago. Jason offers a very personalised service and I've noticed the results immediately. I feel faster and stronger every week and look forward to racing my first NRS race next week.

– Deciana Speckmann

...every aspect of Jason's coaching services I have received have exceeded my expectations. The level of thought and detail Jason has put into each and every one of my training programs has been remarkable, as has been his dedication and commitment to developing all aspects of my cycling including skills (such as cornering, sprinting, climbing and feed zones), tactics and nutrition. I instantly saw significant improvements in my fitness (both speed and endurance) on the bike. But the biggest improvement has been in my bike handling and confidence on the bike.

When I first started training with Jason I was an unfit, 30 something career focused mother of two with a bunch riding phobia and a pipedream goal of competing in the Tour of Bright 2011. Within 10 weeks of training with Jason it became apparent that I would not only be able to complete the Tour of Bright, but I would also be competitive in it (I ended up winning every stage of WB that year). From there I started racing the National Road Series (NRS) in 2012 and Jason went above and beyond to help me develop the skills I needed to race at that level (he even regularly stood on the side of the road before dawn in a freezing Canberra Winter to help me with my skills, and never once baulked at my poor temper!). I'm now racing my second season of the NRS and have been achieving some results I'm really proud of. Two years ago I would never have imagined being able to race in the NRS, let alone be competitive in it.

Did you feel you received good value for money? Jason is worth his weight in gold (even on a fat day). I would not have achieved any of the results I have in cycling to date without his guidance and friendship along the way.

– Lisa Keeling

What did you find as the best part of the coaching services we provided?... The structured training and the fact that I paid for it was extremely motivating. I also noticed significant improvements without significantly increasing my time on the bike. I found that Jason had a lot of time to answer questions and provide input. A surprising amount considering how cheap the service was.

What improvements to your cycling and race results did you see while you were receiving coaching?...I found that I recovered much faster and could hold power outputs longer. A couple of times I just couldn't believe how much faster I was going. Definitely the fittest I have been in my life at 35.

Did you achieve or exceed your cycling goals through the coaching?...Perhaps you had a specific target race in mind, did you meet your goal for that race? I think I achieved my goals – although I didn't get the individual results I might have hoped for, I was riding for stronger teams due to my training and played a support role ... which I was very happy to do. I was a bit surprised that I made it into A Grade in the crits.

Did you feel you received good value for money?... I can't believe how cheap it is for the level of service that I received. That is why I would like to continue

– Matt Kinch

Set Training Plans

In addition to our premium coaching services we can also provide one-off, fully customised structured training programs for riders who do not wish for ongoing assistance from a coach.  If you want to select this option please complete and submit the athlete questionnaire and indicate ‘set training plan’ when asked what type of coaching you require. Once your questionnaire has been received we will assess your requirements and goals and send you an email confirming the details of your target event/s, training plan duration and a request for you to make a payment.

iconApply for a Customised Set Training Plan

Fees for set plans are based on the duration of the training plan being developed. Costs are as follows:

  • 3 Months – $140
  • 6 Months – $260

If you wish to have the plan extended beyond the initial period then you have two choices; you can access personal coaching or you can order a new training plan. In either case just let us know and we will discuss your new goals and target events so that we can develop a new training program. 

You can also choose to upgrade your coaching package to personal coaching at any time. The costs for upgrading part way through will involve paying an additional fee for ongoing assistance. This will be calculated based on how long you have left on your plan.

Pre-Prepared Training Plans

Full details of our pre-prepared training plans, along with a list of available plans is available on our Training Plans page.

Questions on Coaching

If you have any questions on our coaching services before you submit an application, please Contact Us as we are more than happy to answer your questions.