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Power Profile Test and Zone Calculator

The Power Profile Test is designed to obtain maximum values for efforts of various durations, which are closely matched to the various energy systems that power the body. The results of the test can then be used to develop a profile of the abilitites of a riders energy systems, including identification of a rider's threshold point.

In order to use this calculator you first need to complete a power profile test. The power profile instructions/test protocol are located in our resources library. After the test you may need to download your ride file into some software, such as Golden Cheetah or WKO+, to identify the best average power for the specific durations. Then simply enter your details, test values and your desired racing grade. The calculator will then assess the test results and advise you the results.

Nb: The minimum test input data required is for 1 min, 4 min and 10 min.

Rider Details

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Power Profile Test Data

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Power Profile Results

Critical Power and Anaerobic Work Capacity

Energy Systems - Watts/kg

Power Curve - Watts vs Duration

Training Zones

Your Recovery zone is: less than 160 watts
Your Endurance training zone is: 160 - 220 watts
Your Tempo training zone is: 220 - 264 watts
Your threshold zone is: 264 - 305 watts
Your O2 zone is: 305 - 350 watts
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