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Summer Criterium Series Training Program

Summer time can mean only one thing - it's CRIT RACING TIME

Ride out of your winter hibernation and get ready for the summer crits with a 7 week structured training plan designed to have you at your peak on race day.

Criterium racing is one of the most popular forms of road cycling, with races ranging from as short as 20 minutes up to a full hour and multiple grades to cater for a wide range of abilities.

The other beauty of criterium racing is that you don't need to train for a large number of hours each week. Our 7 week to faster racing program requires only 8-10 hours each week and provides options for group rides and weekly racing along the way.

The program starts by focusing on boosting your aerobic and threshold power, before concentrating on your anaerobic energy systems to increase your lactate tolerance and maximise your sprint power. A final week is included with a mini taper before race time.

Program options:
7 weeks to faster criteriums program 8-10 hrs p/w (40.00 AUD)

NB: This program does not include any base training as it jumps straight into the crit specific preparation. If you need some base training before embarking on the criterium program you can find them on the training plans page.

The initial 6 weeks of this program do not include mid week criterium races (as your local races could be on any day), however these can easily be added to the program, either in place of the listed workout or as an additional.