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Tour of Bright Training Plans

Are you planning to racing the Tour of Bright?

Kick start your training for this challenging event with a structured plan designed to have you at your peak on race day.

The Tour of Bright is one of the most popular events on the Australian cycling calendar and each year sees a large contingent of riders from across the country descent on the small town in rural Victoria for the challenge of taking on Tawonga and Hotham.

We have two programs available for this event, depending on how long you wish to prepare for.

  • A 16 week program covering the full preparation for this event, including an 8 week base training phase, 6 weeks of build/race preparation and a week of peaking and then tapering for race day.  
  • An 8 week program which caters for riders who already have a good base fitness who just wish to focus on the build/race preparation and peaking for the event.

Each of the programs is available in either a 8-12 hrs or 10-16hrs per week format to cater for a wide variety of riders needs.   The programs are provided in pdf format with an easy to view format showing a week to a page.  The training session details for each day are provided with total riding time, session intensity, intervals, recommended cadences as additional notes.   A guide to training sessions is also provided.

It is important to note that as these programs are provided in a generic format that does not list specific races in the lead up.  Throughout the program there are weeks were races are listed as options and it is up to the each rider to assess their own local race calendars to determine which races they would like to do.

Program options:
16 week - Base to Race program 8-12 hrs p/w (95.00 AUD)
10-16 hrs p/w (95.00 AUD)
8 week - Race Preparation program 8-12 hrs p/w (50.00 AUD)
10-16 hrs p/w (50.00 AUD)

We also have a range of training plans available for other events and these can be found on the training plans page.