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For Sale - Cycling Books

With the imminent closure of my coaching business I am clearing out the majority of my cycling library.

Below is a list of all the items I currently have for sale. All prices are negotiable and I will offer a 20% discount for bulk purchases (5 listed items or more).

Contact me via email at argonaut.cycling@gmail

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Closure of business

It is with great sadness that I wish to advise that Argonaut Cycle Coaching is closing its doors permanently.

Over the coming weeks I will be decommissioning most of the website, with the primary exceptions being the Bike Fit Calculator, Set Training plans and the blog.  The website will then undergo some additional changes to better reflect its ongoing use.

I anticipate winding up the bike fitting side of my business within the next month. Up until that point I will have some limited capacity for bike fitting so if you are thinking of getting one done then I highly recommend you get in sooner rather than later.

At this time I would like to thank everyone in the ACT cycling community who helped make the business a success while it was operating.

Yours in cycling

Jason Mahoney

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A quick note to advise that we will re-open on Tuesday 16th May 2017.

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Temporary Closure (March-May)

Just a quick note to advise that Argonaut Cycle Coaching will be closed from 1 March until 9th May 2017. Bike fitting will continue to be available all the way up until the 1st March and resume again from the 9th May. Personal Coaching positions will only be available commencing the 9th May, however I will continue to be able to provide set programs up until approx 14th February. If anyone anticipates needing a bike fit or training plan for the first part of the year I recommend that you contact us now so that we can arrange for this to be completed before our brief closure.

Jason Mahoney | Tuesday 24 January 2017 at 2:42 pm | | News |

Argonaut Cycle Coaching - Rider Results Update

Having a coach you can trust is vital but having a coach you can trust AND who can help you get top results is even more important. Over the years Argonaut Cycle Coaching clients have amassed an impressive palmares with 86 podium results in major events over the last 7 years and another 75 top 10 places.  That’s over 150 top 10 results! The latest of these amazing results occurred just this past weekend with Danny Rosin claiming overall victory in the prestigious Cootamundra ‘Haycarters’ Handicap.

Here is the breakdown of our results so far:

  • Silver medal at the UCI World Tour Finals
  • Silver medal at Oceania Road Cycling Championships
  • 4 podium places in regional tours outside of Australia
  • 5 medals at Australian Masters Championships, including one gold medal
  • 32 State Championship medals, including 19 gold medals
  • 2 Australian National Road Series podium finishes and 1 Queen of the Mountains Jersey
  • 26 podium results in state 'open' events, plus 4 "fastest Times' and 2 GC winners
  • 15 podium places in club championship events or local tours
  • Over 75 top 10 places in other major events (as above)


If you have a major event planned for anytime within the next 6 – 18 months then let Argonaut Cycle Coaching assist you reach your full potential.  We have personal coaching spaces available now.  For full details check out or Coaching Services Services page.

Learning from other sports

Fly fishing competitions and cycling races. What do they have in common? On the surface it may appear that these two activities couldn't be farther apart but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, both require good preparation and execution. 

While each sport has it’s own somewhat unique set of training and competition characteristics it should not come as a surprise that there are also lots of similarities and cross-over points where you can learn something from another sport.

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Gunning 2-Day Tour training programs now available

The Gunning 2-Day tour is one of the premier events on the Australian Veterans cycling calendar. The tour consists of a short prologue and road race on Saturday, with a second road race on Sunday.

We have created two training plans to help riders prepare for this event. The first plan is a full 16-week training schedule that provides 8 weeks of base training followed by 7 weeks of race specific intervals before a final taper for race day. The second plan is a 9-week race specific preparation plan that provides 8 weeks of interval work followed by the taper. The later of these programs is well suited to riders who have come through summer with good levels of base fitness but want to add that extra level of preparation to ensure that performance is at optimal levels for one of the biggest races on the annual calendar.

The training programs start at $55 and can be purchased directly from the website on the Training Plans page.

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Lactate Testing – End of Winter Special

With the end of winter fast approaching it’s time to start getting serious about your training.    One of the best things you can do to help improve the quality of your time on the bike is to make sure that you have the correct training zones (heart rate or power) identified.

A lactate test is by far the best way to determine your own personal training zones.  No need for formulas or percentages of your max or threshold, the lactate test results determine your precise training zones.

For the limited time only* we are offering a special discounted price of $75 for all Lactate Tests.  That’s a saving of $30 28.5% off the normal price!

For more information, or to book a lactate test, please visit

 UPDATE: 24 September 2015

All our old stock is now gone but we are pleased to announce a new pre-summer training special on lactate testing.  $90 per test starting from 11th October 2015.

* Until our current stock of lactate test strips runs out

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